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Whisk & Pin Mountain Muesli is exactly how toasted muesli is meant to be: crunchy, moreish and sweetened with just the right amount of Blue Mountains Honey. It is packed full of almonds, toasted rolled oats, triticale, pepitas, cranberries, sultanas, linseeds and apricots and is a fantastic start to everyone’s day.

Enjoy Mountain Muesli throughout the day - as a sustaining, wholesome breakfast; or sprinkled over yoghurt for a healthy lunch; as a delicious topping for fruit crumbles or simply nibble straight from the pack.



Rolled oats, triticale, organic apricots, almonds, pepitas, Australian cold-pressed canola oil (Cootamundra), sultanas, coconut, raisins, linseed, honey, cranberries (cane sugar, sunflower oil), treacle, spices.

Energy 1888kJ
Protein 10g
Fat 21.9g
    - saturated 4.6g
    - mono-saturated fat 10.6g
    - polyunsaturated fat 6.6g
Carbohydrate 48.1g
    - sugar 13.8g
Sodium 11mg
Dietary Fibre 11.2g
Cholesterol < 1mg
Potassium 640mg